Thursday, 10 October 2013

1st step & 1st day blogging

What can I say?

I actually wanted to blog about anything or something interesting to me a long time ago.

1st thing to say is my studying course in DCU requires me to make a blog as assignments, later on a project in DICE(funny abbreviations for a module) needs me to make a blog to get some marks.

I suppose the university is trying to teach us as not being a normal student but a very flexible and understanding person when we graduate. And on top on that, I can improve my computing and communicative skills online as my blogging experience grows. It is a good way to get to know other bloggers and many interests they may have.

This is my 2nd week in DCU: everything is fine for me as for now. ;D
I have only four days(Monday to Thursday) going to lectures in 1st semester. In other words, I'm having a stress free start in my university. (Although getting up early morning before 7 AM on Tuesday and Wednesday can be still hard to catch the bus). And return tickets costing me 8.50 euros each. Not amused. (I wasn't a big money spender, or am I? Trying to remember games I bought years before*)

Lecture rooms are exactly like in medias: spacey, big and be able to fit many people so they do get crowdy most of the time. Yes, I'm looking at you, IT maths. Lecturers are very friendly and kind of cool too, in the sense they were either a professor or a doctor. So many role models...

I liked DCU's campus size, I don't need to travel far to get into different lectures and labs and to the places that have food to buy and eat. Hmmm... I heard there's good food in the campus restaurant, I think I need to check it out. Wait, there's many places in campus I have yet to check out. Grabbing my smartphone to put notes*

I joined many societies on Tuesday: Chinese, Japanese, gaming, fencing and redbrick (Our own networking society in DCU) and fencing societies. Sadly I missed my beginner fencing lessons yesterday when I got lost myself around campus. Facepalm* Next Wednesday evening then!

I need to start learning Japanese, I'm too much being a japanophile(an interest in, or love of, Japan and anything Japanese). I like to watch animes and manga. I read news about what shows are available to be watched from Japan. The animes I'm looking forward to watch this autumn are new gundam series, pyschopass Season 2, BlazBlue Alter Memory, Kill la kill. Luckily I do have time to watch them in my no so busy 1st semester.

Well, I think that's for today.

For viewers reading this, do remember the weather in Ireland is getting cold. Stay warm and healthy!
Halloween is around the corner of October. Are you planning to dress up as something nice?

Thanks for reading ;P